Thursday, December 8, 2016

My artifact design.

   For the front  of the business card, I chose to give it a nice and clean look for it to fit with the website design. Having the logo be in the center with its bold black edges and the faded lines on the sides of the logo give it a professional look.

 For the back we simply added what all common business cards have, which was the phone number, email address, location and a name and photo of the owner. I wanted the frame of the photo be a round circle so it could relate to the logo in the card.  

                                                                       GIFT CARD

 For its gift card I wanted to add a simple photo in the background since the business card design only had its logo. I wanted a photo that included a male model so we can produce the whole All new mens Clothing line. 

It was important that the tag was just as visible as the logo to show how valuable the products are. 


the rough draft of the designs. 

I first sketched the designs so we could the get idea of how it should look. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Scout and Cloth Campaign


Our group has decided to go with a local clothing store "Scout and Cloth" in St. George. they are currently not selling mens clothing, which is what our group is going to produce for the shop.    

   Persona-Travis is a comic book illustrator. He and his roommates who are also in the entertainment business want to be filmmakers. Travis is trying to get ready for his acting audition. He wants to give a good first impression, so he decides to buy new clothes. During the weekends, he enjoys riding his skateboard cruiser around the park with his friends.

 My artifact will be designing the gift Card, price tag and its business card for Scout and Cloth. 

Monday, November 14, 2016


Everything you see on a movie screen is more or less the art director's responsibility. They basically juggle just about everything from the clothes to the set and the makeup. all so the viewer can feel like they are watching an actual living breathing world.

The Matrix had the challege of creating this  virtual world, so naturally the film had not one but two art directors:  Hugh Bateup and Michelle McGahey. Hugh Bateup is well known for supporting the Wachowski's art form for the "Matrix" trilogy. He then again became the assistant art director for their next film"Speed Racer".Michelle McGahey  perviously worked on Tv films and a movie called "Dark World" which you can tell has a lot of resemblance with the matrix's dark clothing and set design.

 The wardrobe was so inspirational that it was highly used afterwards in films such as "Equilibrium" and also "Dark World"

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Compose your frame.

  This photo was taken on campus by the side of the McDonald building. What caught my attention was the dramatic bright light coming from the staircase.
The Staircase is on the bottom right for the Rule of thirds. 
The fence and the lines on the brick wall are making a diagonal line, giving it a Graphic vector of direction, (leading lines) to the stairs. 

The Light and shadow on the steps leading down gives it a Index vector. It guides the eye downward. 
the slight blur in the trees give it the sense of motion, though honestly since they are further away from the frame it's hard to tell. 


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Design Evaluation.


''The Thing'' is a horror film made by John Carpenter that was released in 1982.

One of things I like about this poster's design is that it's illustrated by Drew Stuzan. Movies from the early 80's mostly used his art work for their posters. What I love about those posters is that it sets up the tone of the films before you even know what the movie is about.

With this poster it leaves room for mystery. All it tells us is its title: ''The Thing'' with the tag line reading: "The ultimate in alien terror."
but instead of showing a terrifying alien, we're shown a guy with a bright light coming out of his winter coat. we're left to guess the terror, we want to look under the hood. we don't know what "The THING" is.

When we think of aliens and light. what usually comes to mind is lights in sky and UFOs in the night.
but instead the light is coming out of his face. Indicating that the alien is in fact inside him.
and if you think about that, it's pretty scary.

29 years after its release "The Thing" got a prequel in 2011. Here is the poster:

To me this feels rushed and tacked on.  It loses what the original had going for it. Besides the light within the captions the poster is wasted on black space. We get another winter coat figure but this time it's poorly photoshopped instead of drawn.

There is no mysterious light but a photoshopped alien hand. It pulls us out of it. The mystery is taken away, we get a clear idea of what the Thing is.

There is no substance, Just a title and a release date.
The only thing I like about this poster is the new tag line.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Contrast, Balance and Harmony.


I took this photo in the back of the football stadium, there was this perfect blue light outside that had a good effect to its surroundings. The main contrast for this photo is its colors. Looking at its dark corners, complements the heavy blue orange and green lighting colors in the foreground and background.

As for balance, it looks to be asymmetrical since the colors seem to be all over the place. The bright blue in the center of the photo and the dark yellow on the right help balance each other out as well as give the photo depth.  

In my opinion, all the heavy lights and dark corners create the harmony of a hard days work, like waiting for your mother on that one late night at her office. The blue somewhat neon light gives you extra patience for you to day dream a little longer.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Damage Goods.

This is a drawing I did a few years ago, it expresses that two people with different traits and morals can sometimes find an interest in one another. you can see that their faces are only traced from the outside, showing only their style of clothing, which are emblems of their backstory. Ironically, the title ''damage goods'' is how I got the idea for this drawing, knowing that its definition only speaks for one individual. This drawing is about the beauty of the odd couple.